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About Us...

In 1992 a group of Great Clips franchisees created an independent organization to support the collective interests of all franchisees. This group contributed funds and established the Franchisee Advisory Board (FAB). The FAB was active in representing franchisee issues with Great Clips Inc., but the organization operated fairly quietly and many franchisees were not aware of the FAB’s activities.

The FAB has been formally replaced by the IAGCF. We are in the process of establishing an infrastructure of actively involved franchisees. Also, with the significant advancements in Internet development, we now have an easy and effective communication tool that will allow all franchisees to stay current on all activities and issues.

The IAGCF mission statement:

To promote unity among franchisees and to provide a vehicle for the sharing of information and expertise for the purpose of maximizing profitability for all members.

The IAGCF is currently solidifying our foundation by upgrading the web site and identifying regional representatives who will communicate with the franchisees in their geographical area and also bring key issues to the Board.

Our Focus
    • Build membership so that we have representation of at least 75% of all salons
    • Complete the necessary infrastructure to support the organization’s needs
    • Establish a direct line of communication with GCI senior management to bring key ideas, issues and concerns that impact the franchisee community as a whole or in part.
    • Conduct franchisee surveys to identify key issues/concerns
    • Identify preferred secondary vendors and negotiate volume pricing for members.
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